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Terms & Conditions BGWEA

Terms and conditions for usage of the website of the Bulgarian Wind Energy Association located on the main domain bgwea.eu

1. Introduction

By using this website, you declare that you are familiar with and accept the general terms and conditions described below related to the website bgwea.eu and the Bulgarian Wind Energy Association

Website owner information:
Bulgarian Wind Energy Association
VAT: BG175924617
Address: 21 Hristo Belchev Str., floor 4, room 414, Bulgaria, 1000 Sofia

The E-mail address and contacts of the ASSOCIATION:
Mobile phone: +359 889 20 68 22
E-mail: info@bgwea.eu
Website: bgwea.eu

2. Membership

(1) Members can be all-natural persons and all public and private legal persons.

(2) Members are admitted upon a written membership application. The supervisory board of the association decides upon the membership application by simple majority vote. A refusal to be admitted can be appealed within two weeks of notice of the refusals. Appeals are decided upon by a general meeting of the members of the association by simple majority vote.

(3) On a reasoned written proposal of the member of Supervisory Board of the association, the Supervisory board may with a majority of two-thirds of the attending board members, decide the expulsion of a member so far as this member is acting in violation of the spirit and purpose of the articles of association or damaging the reputation of the association. In this case, the member shall be notified in writing electronically about its exclusion.

The notification shall state the reasons for this. In the notification, the member should be invited to give its opinion within two weeks of notification. Only after the deadline, the Supervisory Board has the right to rule on the exclusion. The member may appeal the decision of the Supervisory Board to exclude him within two weeks before the General Assembly, which shall decide on the appeal by a simple majority.

(4) Membership in the Association shall be terminated in the event that a member of the association failed to pay the membership fee for more than two months from February 1st of the calendar year, namely until 31 March, despite two written calls for payment. Calls for payment shall be sent by the Administrative Director electronically.

With the second written notice, the member has to be informed of the intent to expel the member and It is granted a deadline for payment until 1 April in the calendar year. So far as the member fails to pay within the term of the second notice, the expulsion becomes effective immediately without the decision of Supervisory Board.

(5) Otherwise, the membership ends with death, with the termination of the legal person or with withdrawal. Notice of withdrawal has to be given no later than four weeks before the end of the calendar year. The withdrawal becomes effective with the end of the calendar year.

(6) With the ceasing of membership all claims of the member against the association end.

3. Fees and Liability

(1) Upon recommendation by the Supervisory Board, the General Meeting of the members fixes the annual membership fee payable in the first month of the year.

(2) The Supervisory Board shall adopt by resolution rules for payment of the membership fee, which may also provide for deferred payment.

(3 ) In individual, well-justified cases the supervisory board may determine to reduce the membership fee.

(4) The liability of the members is limited to the payment of the full membership fee whereas the members are not further obliged to pay any additional contributions and or to undertake personal liability.

4. Personal Data Protection

Read the full document with the Privacy and Personal Data Protection Policy on the website bgwea.bg and the Bulgarian Wind Energy Association.

5. Copyright and Intellectual Property

The graphic and web design, the text content and all digital materials and assets of the website bgwea.bg, including logos, trade symbols, graphic images and inscriptions, texts and multimedia content, are subject to copyright within the meaning of the Copyright Act and Related Rights and are the property of the Bulgarian Wind Energy Association.

Any unauthorized usage may be an infringement of copyright on intellectual property, trademark rights or other legal provisions.

The Bulgarian Wind Energy Association gives you the right to load and preview all materials published on this website, only for personal non-commercial use, provided that you respect and comply with all copyrights and relevant designations.


6. Rights and Obligations under the Consumer Protection Act

The Bulgarian Wind Energy Association reserves the right to change this Terms and conditions at any time, without prior notice, and the changed conditions will be published on the website bgwea.bg.

European Commission (EC) Consumer Dispute Resolution (ODR) Platform

7. Statute of the Association

Detailed additional information about the structure, goals, activities and conditions of relations with the Bulgarian Wind Energy Association can be found in the document ARTICLES OF ASSOCIATION

This document (Terms and conditions of the website bgwea.eu)
was last updated on May 27, 2020.